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3 Important Reasons You Need to Have Personal Insurance


Life is always full of the unexpected. One day you are enjoying the most extravagant vacation, the next, you have to break the bank to treat a medical illness. While there might be nothing to prevent these kinds of events from happening, one can certainly prepare for them. This is where personal insurance comes in!

With personal insurance, you gain financial protection in a variety of aspects. For instance, insurance can provide financial assistance to pay for medical bills, pay off debts upon death, pay for a dependent’s fees, and more. Simply put, personal insurance is something you need if you want to stay financially secure.

Still on the fence about getting personal insurance? Here is why you need it.

1. The chances are higher than you think

You may believe that the worse will not happen to you, that you are free from any risk. Unfortunately, this is precisely what other people who have undergone such difficulties thought, too. They believed that they were free from the risk of cancer, or that a car accident would never happen to them. In the end, they end up with heavy financial burdens, leaving themselves and their families strained for money.

That being said, the chances of running into issues, such as medical illnesses, grow considerably higher the older you are. You stand to lose a lot of your savings and income, a risk you could easily avoid if you have personal insurance.

2. Helps to cushion the worse

When the worst does happen, you will be eternally grateful that you had insurance to support your finances. With ample coverage, you can maintain the necessary expenses, such as paying for your electricity bill, mortgages, groceries, and the like. In other words, with insurance to back you up, you can continue living life without having to worry about unexpected changes.

3. Protects your most valuable assets

What is your most valuable asset? Would it be your prized vehicle or your thousand-dollar phone? While you can say that you prize those objects, there is another valuable asset that you may have missed: You. You are the most valuable asset, and without you, none of the possessions will be possible.

Simply put, you are the reason you earn money over the long term, and only you can control the quality of life you will get to enjoy. Failure to protect yourself with insurance compromises not only your finances but also your ability to receive help. For example, you might need to undergo treatment for a specific problem that you could have only afforded if you had insurance. This can be the fine line between an excellent recovery or years of unending suffering.


Did you feel a hint of fear reading through the article? That was not the intention. We were trying to stress the importance of having personal insurance to support your finances should the worst happen.

Remember, life is full of surprises. While some can be fun and joyous, others can be seriously damaging to you and your lifestyle. You never know if one day, your family member falls victim to a serious illness and passes away. Keep you and your family’s finances safe and get your personal insurance today!

Jubilee Financial is a provider of bespoke financial plans to fit anyone’s lifestyle to give them the peace of mind needed to enjoy life. If you are interested in finding the perfect insurance to cover your needs, work with us today!

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