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Superannuation Planning

Superannuation is all about you. Its about planning for those golden years and to ensure you have the options to do what you want when you most deserve. Superannuation is also a tax effective vehicle which you can utilise to maximise in your eventual retirement.
One of the biggest unknowns and there fore topics less considered is Superannuation. It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out in life or in your golden years, superannuation will be one of your most important investments. It is also however one of the most complex investments, made even more so by the ever changing regulations.
There are many questions we are constantly asked:
·         What is the right Superannuation fund for me?
·         How much can I contribute to super?
·         Is my employer paying the right amount into my super?
·         What choices do I have in relation to where my super is invested?
·         Should I manage my own super fund?
·         When can I access my super?
·         Can I afford to salary sacrifice additional funds into my super? 
We help you make sense of the complexities surrounding superannuation, as an investment vehicle and tax structure, and ensure you are appropriately structured to take advantage of the underlying benefits.