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Wealth Creation

Just like beauty, wealth is in the eye of the beholder.  But for most of us, it doesn’t just happen. It takes thought, planning and a bit of discipline.
With wealth creation, we want to spend quality time understanding your true goals and objectives. From here we put steps in place to make these financially possible.
·         What type of expenses do you plan?
·         How are you managing your debts? Are these being managed at the optimal level?
·         Do you have savings? Is it enough?
·         Do you save more when you earn more or do you find your spending more when you earn more?
·         What sorts of risks are you prepared to take when it comes to investing?
·         What experience have you had with investments?
·         How do you feel about borrowing to invest? How comfortable are you with potentially losing money in the short to medium term?
Many of these questions depend on who we are, what stage of life we are at and what priorities we have in life.
Once we understand where you are at, we design the best path for you, including the triggers for change.  Once you are comfortable, we will execute the underlying strategies and continue to work with you so that you stay on track.
Intergenerational considerations are increasingly being addressed in our advice. Older parents and/or or adult children unexpectantly requiring monetary assistance can compromise your position without consideration in the planning process.
Remember, this is only the beginning. When you join us at Jubilee Financial, the relationship build and evolves over years and generations.